What People are Saying

Jack’s presentation made me rethink how I think.

Excellent, motivational and life-changing presentation.

Timely, helpful and fascinating! It was a topic of animated conversation during the rest of the conference.

Jack had my interest the entire two-and-one-half days.

One of the best trainings I’ve attended in 17 years.

…hit me right between the eyes.

Great ideas and practical solutions.

This class was by far the most informative of all the classes we had.

As one who has offered workshops on stress management and who has heard various presentations on the topic, I found Jack’s presentation to be refreshing in terms of its simplicity, his responsiveness to the audience, and the relaxed delivery…Jack offered specific, common sense activities that the individual can employ to address the issues of stress.

The presentation seemed like it was designed for me.

Mr. Harris took the time and invested the effort to learn the terms of our art, unique facets of our contact with the public, and most importantly, our internal organizational stress points…resulting in an outstanding presentation. As a seminar planner and university instructor, I recommend Mr. Harris and his firm to any organization seeking this type of quality program.

Without a doubt, as evidenced by the post-program critiques, Mr. Harris’ presentation was one of the highlights of the conference.

I have run into potentially explosive situations with customers as well as upset employees. Had I not taken Jack’s class, these encounters probably would not have gone as well as they did.

I worked with a great many corporate consultants before working with Jack. We initially brought him in when our local homebuilding business was being acquired by a large, publicly-traded company. I wanted him to help me and my staff work through organizational change. He really helped calm fears and integrate cultures. Jack has the uncanny ability to see through the bull–. He cuts to the chase and gets to the heart of any issue. He doesn’t waste time. He is very well grounded in the real world and relates well to anyone on their level. Jack is also a man of his word. If he says he’s going to do something, he does it. Whenever I need help, he’s the first person I call.

“Refreshing” “Life changing” “Practical” “Funny” “Fantastic”