It all boils down to one key concept…Helping Keep Good People

Jack has worked with countless employees during some of the best and worst times of their lives and has helped people through periods of extreme volatility and change. From these experiences, he knows that staying calm, having a clear focus, managing crises and remaining cool and collected under even the most stressful and challenging situations are required skills that can be learned. But, as Jack always warns his students, “don’t confuse simple with easy.” Easy is retreating to comfortable habits after reading the latest best-selling book or taking a course on management theory. Jack is a pragmatist. He knows that changing behavior takes desire, knowledge, skill and practice.

Wherever people are—in the workplace, at home, or in community life—human nature is at play. Jack believes emotions are a powerful form of energy that can work with you, or against you. While instinct or bad habit may drive us to ignore or fight emotions, Jack teaches people how to recognize, understand and manage emotions—their own and others. With proper training and practice, people can learn to direct emotions in productive ways to benefit both their organization and themselves.

While Jack talks on many different topics, no presentation is ever “canned.” By first familiarizing himself with your business and the actual issues your employees face, Jack is able to convey understanding and empathy upfront, thus establishing instant rapport and credibility.
Participants will be convinced that Jack has walked in their very shoes. It’s why they’ll listen. It’s how they’ll learn.

Jack always looks for the common ground from which to connect with his audience. He breaks through barriers and gets powerful results. His thoughtful understanding of human nature combined with his good sense of humor captivates audiences. But make no mistake: Jack delivers much more than entertainment value; he teaches practical skills participants will remember and use for the rest of their lives.

“Refreshing” “Life changing” “Practical” “Funny” “Fantastic”